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Gobbled Our Way to the Turkey Month

Turkey Month has finally arrived! While most reserve turkey for Thanksgiving only, we’re celebrating turkey all month long. We started thinking about different ways to incorporate delicious turkey into everyday meals without losing sight of your January 1st resolutions.

Our tasty Turkey Kale Chimichurri Sandwich with jalapeño and cilantro is sure to have your taste buds gobbling with delight!

A Turkey Sandwich You Can’t BEET!

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with seasonal foods that are found at every traditional Turkey Day Dinner. Who says you need to wait until the actual T-day to enjoy some fresh apples, beets and turkey?

Celebrate with a pre-Thanksgiving sandwich featuring holiday favorites like this Turkey Beeter created by a former “America’s Better Sandwich™” Contest finalist!

Thanksgiving Approved Lunch

The best part of a holiday is the leftovers you get to eat for days after. This year, use your Thanksgiving leftovers to create something truly delicious that can be enjoyed by all between two slices of bread!

Try this Thanksgiving themed Holiday Inspired Turkey Grape Salad Sandwich created by Registered Dietician Keri Gans. Featuring turkey, grapes and walnuts, it’s a Thanksgiving feast in a sandwich!

Spiced Sunflower Butter and Honey Apple Sandwich

The apple-picking season is upon us and what better way to put all those hard working hours of picking to good use than by incorporating them into a delicious, fall-themed sandwich.

The apple-picking fun doesn’t have to stop once your home. Celebrate the new season with the Spiced Sunflower Butter and Honey Apple Sandwich. This sandwich is perfect for the fall, with sweet apples wrapped up in delectable sunflower butter, you can’t go wrong.

Panini Caprese Dinner in a Flash

One of the best parts of summer is being able to throw food on the grill for a nice, tasty meal. Even though summer is coming to an end it doesn’t mean the grilling has to.

Grill up a delicious Panini Caprese from Olives N Okra, on a Panini grill or an iron grill press. Enjoy the flavor of a grilled up meal right in the comfort of your home with delicious melted mozzarella cheese and ripe tomato!

Chickpea Waldorf Salad Sandwich

Looking for a delicious, meatless lunch option that’s easy to make and will last you through the week? Look no further!

Summer Lovin’ with a Better-For-You Chicken Salad Sandwich

Summer may be winding down, but the heat is not and let’s be honest, who wants to cook? Instead, turn that oven off and make a no-cook meal this season!

Come and enjoy a tasty Chicken Salad Sandwich, created by food blogger Jamie at Love Bakes Good Cakes! This delicious sandwich recipe uses better-for-you ingredients so it can be enjoyed guilt-free!

Quick and Easy Five Ingredient Summer Sandwich

The summer season is full of food-focused occasions – from BBQs to S’mores by the fire it can be hard to find a good summer meal that follows your resolutions. Stay on track this summer with a tasty summer sandwich!

Egg-straordinary Salad Sandwich

There is nothing like a good, old-fashioned egg salad sandwich to brighten up your lunch or to bring along to a summer picnic this season. Why not have your egg salad and feel guilt-free about it, too?

This delicious Egg-staordinary Salad Sandwich recipe is perfect summer time fare. With the addition of radishes and Dijon mustard, you can’t go wrong with this scrumptious sandwich.

Thai Sweet Chili Chicken Sandwich

If summer travels aren’t taking you as far as Asia, but you still want to channel a taste of Thai cuisine at home, add some spice to your meals this summer while still staying on track with your resolutions!

Hawaiian Whammy Sammie

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track with your resolution during the summer time when it seems you’re attending BBQ after BBQ. 

Mango Tango

Nothing says summer quite like the taste of fresh fruit.

Seafood Sammie

It seems as though summer and seafood go hand in hand.

Look Forward to Mealtime

This week’s Asian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich Slaw delivers the perfect amount of flavor and spice to keep you wanting more.

A Breakfast Fit for Adventure

When summer finally arrives, is there anything better than spending time outside, embarking on various adventures such as hiking and running?

Grab and Go Sammies

Instead of packing snacks and meals that sacrifice nutrition for convince, why not stay on track with your New Year’s resolution and love your bread instead.

Breakfast Bites

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day as it helps set the tone for the day.

Reinvent Childhood Classics

We are serving up another delicious twist on a classic for meatless Monday!

Spice It Up

Looking to impress friends and family? Whip up the Spicy Asian Inspired Chicken Sandwich that propels your taste buds into an ethnic universe.

Gouda For You Sandwich

Who knew something that tasted so good, could be so ‘Gouda’ for you?

Two For One

With May right around the corner and the warmer weather approaching, we may be looking to spend more time outside enjoying the simple things in life.

Put Your Eggs in a Basket

Creativity is important when trying to make smarter eating choices.

Snacking on Green

The second week in March has us snacking on green-- sammies that is!

Go Meatless

Get ready for meatless Monday with a delicious twist on a classic.

Grocery Store Success

The grocery store can either be your best friend or the gateway to grabbing that greasy bag of chips as you walk in with a grumbling stomach.

Making Sweet Choices

Valentine’s Day is almost here! For most, this means lots of candy and sweets – but not this year.

Planning Smarter Eating Choices

If your resolution for 2016 was to make smarter eating choices, making a plan is essential to retaining this resolution.

Consistently Interesting

Simply Southern Mom’s Chicken Salad Club can be enjoyed any time of the year! Check out the recipe and stick with us for your 2016 resolutions.

Classic Swaps

Today’s #SammieSaturday comes from The Spring Mount 6 Pack and is a Turkey, Avocado, BLT. Power through the weekend and keep up with your resolutions!

Eat Your Veggies

Hot off the press! This recipe from The Nutritionist Reviews make New Year’s resolutions as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Quick and Egg-cellent Dinner

Make The Thrifty Couple’s Poached Egg and Avocado Open-Faced Sandwich and keep on track with your 2016 resolutions!

Toasting to the New Year

Kickoff the first weekend of the new year with this simple avocado toast recipe.

Retain Your Resolution

2016 is officially here, which means – New Year, new goals!